Welcome to Taking Flight Goose Control.  We are a nuisance bird control service, operating throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  We use highly trained Border Collies to humanely haze geese, turkeys and other nuisance birds from your property. With regular visits from our dog and handler team you'll quickly notice a reduction in your nuisance bird problem.  We offer an affordable service for your wildlife problems.  Using dogs is generally cheaper then using chemicals and is more effective than any other control method. Other options, including chemical sprays, noise makers, decoys and other deterrents quickly become ineffective. Geese never get used to our dogs, which will become clear when you see our results!  

Why Border Collies?
Border Collies are specially trained herding dogs that are extremely effective for keeping geese out of areas where they are considered a problem. They are the method of choice for large open areas such as golf courses, airports, parks, school grounds, recreation fields, corporate parks, etc. When using goose dogs, results are immediate; the geese leave the area.

Our Dogs

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Border Collies are herding dogs by nature and therefore will not harm geese. Border Collies use a technique called “eye” wherein they crouch down and stare intensely at the geese. The Border Collie is the most effective method in keeping geese out of areas where they are a problem.