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Our dogs provide an effective, environmentally friendly, and humane solution to your bird or animal problems.   

The most effective way to humanely control the goose population on your property is to introduce a “predator” into the environment. Since it is not practical (or safe) to reintroduce wolves, coyotes and foxes into commercial and residential areas, specially trained dogs are the natural answer. Geese are “hard wired” to fear foxes and wolves. Unlike other breeds of dogs, border collies look and act like the natural predators geese fear most. Border collies have a predatory crouch, stalk and stare that they use to move livestock. They creep over the ground silently which panics geese. While the dogs mean no harm, these mannerisms are very unnerving to geese and they soon move on to a “predator” free environment.

Border collie harassment programs can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in landscape repair and sidewalk cleanup. They can discourage flocks of any size and work on land and in water. Generally a sharp decrease in the size of your flock will be seen in just a few days to a few weeks after the commencement of service. With continued harassment all geese will eventually move on. However, if you have property that attracts geese (green grass and a pond) you will always have geese trying to move in. We visit your property five days a week year round to discourage “new” geese from moving in and taking over.

Geese that are harassed on a regular schedule by border collies will seek a safer place to live and raise their young. Our border collies do not actually want to hurt geese. Their job is to drive geese away. Our dogs never have physical contact with geese. Using a trained border collie to drive off geese is a very efficient and natural way to solve the problem of nuisance geese. Our border collies work silently. This minimizes the chance of distracting or irritating your clients, employees or tenants. We will bring our border collies onto your site and they will quietly drive away your geese while being supervised and directed on or off leash by us. No birds will be harmed. This method is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) approved and is the safest and most natural way to discourage nuisance geese. It is also considered humane and effective control by the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese. We will visit your site and assess your needs free of charge.

The various benefits of using a Border collie in your Canada goose, nuisance bird and wildlife control program are:


  • Canada geese, nuisance birds, and wildlife never become accustomed to the presence of our Border Collies.

  • Our Border Collies love to work all day and can deal with almost any climate or terrain.


  • Unlike retrievers, our Border Collies will never have the desire to bring a bird back to its handler in order to feel they have succeeded.  They will scare, but never harm the geese on your property.

  • Our Border Collies work silently on your property. They will not bark at geese.  They scare wildlife by using a stare and taking a low stance, both of which are perceived by the birds as predatory behavior.  Our Border Collies work well as goose deterrents because they are a predator that you can control, by directing, where, when, and what they hunt.

  •  Although we work mainly with Canada geese, our Border Collies are versatile and can control various wildlife populations, such as deer, waterfowl, egrets and herons, cormorants, and sand hill cranes to name a few.  If you have problems with other species contact us to find out if our Border Collies may be effective in controlling them.