• Our customers have all found using Taking Flight Goose Control is much more inexpensive than constantly hiring clean-up crews, or landscapers to re-seed damaged grass areas.  Personnel, otherwise assigned to clean up after the geese for hours, will have more time to perform more worthwhile duties, saving you money.

  • You will notice, almost immediately, less droppings, and over a short time-richer, healthier grass.

  • School children, as well as sports teams, will be able to take ownership of their fields again.

  • Our service severely reduces the risk of potential health-related problems associated with goose feces, commonly found on athletic fields.  Fecal samples from Canada Geese have been proven to contain e-coli bacteria, a dangerous pathogen.

  • With our service, damage from the geese droppings over the years in ponds, lakes, and fountains will naturally diminish and revitalize, promoting new and exotic wildlife.

  • Business property will appear more attractive, and ultimately invite prospective customers to your facility.

  • Taking Flight Goose Control can prevent geese from creating nests on your property, avoiding possible injury to people that come in contact with the protective geese parents, as well as potentially avoiding years of repeat nesting.

  • Taking Flight Goose Control offers seven-day-a-week protection against geese leaving huge messes behind.  We don’t take any days off because, frankly, the geese don’t either.

  • We do not believe in a one-patrol-a-day regimen.  If we miss the geese by even an hour, they will have the rest of the day to ruin the property.  A second daily patrol (at the least) just makes sense.  In some cases, we patrol certain problem locations as much as eight times per day, at no additional cost.  The bottom line:  If the situation requires ten daily visits, we will patrol that spot ten daily times. 

  • With our service, there is no need for harmful and expensive chemicals and pesticides that must be re-applied after each rain.

  • Our service offers the only truly reliable, long-term, cost-effective, and humane solution to your goose problem.

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